Let’s Play (Two Girls & A Goat)

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

2019 LP
  • 1. Forty Years After Null (There's No Answer To The Riddle)
  • 2. Two Girls And A Goat (I Never Knew…)
  • 3. Evil Wears A Mask With Your Name
  • 4. I Met Jesus In A Dream (Till Illusions Fall Apart)
  • 5. Let's Play Said The Rose To The Goat
  • 6. This Is Life This Is War (Let's Play And Make Believe)
  • 7. This Knife Will Steal Your Heart - Let's Waken The Judas In You
  • 8. There's No Pride Love Is Dead (Kiss My Eyes And Crush My Head)
  • 9. Anoint Me With Vomit, And Desecrate My Beliefs
  • 10. There's A Chalice With My Semen (And Another With My Blood)
  • 11. [Social Darwinist Contortion] Who Is Born To Rule The World?
  • 12. Ménage À Trois - There Is Nothing To Regret
  • 13. The Hierophant & The Devil (You Taste Like Innocence, And Broken Dreams)